Book (and Institute) Progress Update

Book (and Institute) Progress Update

October 2019

Peak summer vacation time is over end for this year. Now it’s back to school, work, MLB Post Season, football, Thanksgiving, and the December Holidays.

Although we were out and about like many of you, enjoying the summer weather, being outside, and spending time with family and friends, we did manage to get a bit of work done and want to let you know about some exciting OEI news.

We are proud to announce that LTC Mike Young (Ret) has officially joined the OEI Working Team.

Mike is known to many of you as the author of “To Transform a Culture: The Rise and Fall of the US Army Organizational Effectiveness Program”…his doctoral dissertation at Antioch University in 2015.

Mike will be leading the effort to bring to life one of the key elements of the OE Institute Vision, the establishment of the US Army Organizational Effectiveness Alumni Association (USAOEAA). Congratulations Mike, and welcome to the team! We look forward to many years of fruitful work together!

Membership in the new Alumni Association will be open to graduates of the Organizational Effectiveness School, HQDA level OE Program Managers, former members of the OE School faculty and staff, and others that were associated with the Army’s OE Program.

Here’s a brief outline of what’s ahead for the new Alumni Association and OEI over the next few months:

  • The US Army OE Alumni Association (USAOEAA) will be formally established as its own entity, and will remain the beating heart of the OE Institute.
  • Those who choose to join and become annual members of USAOEAA will automatically also receive full complimentary annual membership in OEI.
  • Membership particulars, including benefits thereof, will be communicated in the next couple of months
  • Mike and our OEI web-master, Kellen Williams will be working together to revamp the current website and convert it to become the on-line home of the USAOEAA, complete with its own features, separate and apart from that of the OEI website with which you are familiar. These familiar features will include the current OE Communiqué 2.0 Blog which will migrate from the OE Institute website to
  • The USAOEAA will seek recognition from, and connections with, established organizations like the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), the Army Reserve Association (ARA), the Non-Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA), and others.
  • Mike will be reaching out to you to get your input as he begins to conduct the “visioning process” for the Alumni Association, and all that such an effort entails as he moves forward. Please look for an email from him.

As originally conceived the OE Institute will be re-established, the current website redone, and our efforts to source, attract, and recruit new members from younger generations of managers at all levels, and specialist staff members working in various human dimension functions including: Human Resources, OE/OD, Communications, safety, labor relations, legal, and others will begin in earnest.

We continue to be pleased with the slow but steady headway we are making in the book research, establishment of the Institute, and creation of the new Alumni Association.

We are more convinced than ever that if we stick to it, and can find a way to secure your involvement and help, that we can truly realize the over-arching goal of reconstituting, reestablishing, and restarting a contemporary version of the OE School to transfer the wealth of OE skilled knowledge, lessons learned, and wisdom to new generations of people.


The OEI Working Team

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