Book (and Institute) Progress Update

January 2020

Happy New Year to Everyone! And if you celebrate Lunar New Year (The Year of the Rat), Gōngxĭ fācái! In either case, it’s going to be a great year!

Jerry and Tom completed their interview research in early December and since have been basically enjoying the Holidays and a longish New Year’s break…and now it’s back to work. Thanks to all who participated in the interviews!

In February they will begin sifting through the interview data to discern themes and to tease out highlights they want to fold into the body of the book. It’s anticipated that this process will take several months time, and we’ll keep you updated here as we progress.

Jerry, Mike, and Tom have discussed the general framework of the book, but no firm decisions have yet been made. At the moment it looks like the book will be written in three parts:

  1. The beginnings of the OE Program & School, and its early application in the Army
  • Post-military uses of OE up to the present day, lessons learned, and
  • The future of OE, including the USAOEAA, the OE Institute, and the much-discussed new OE Course for the Twenty First Century, currently named, ‘The OE Academy’.

Mike is in the initial stages of establishing the US Army OE Alumni Association (USAOEAA), and he and Kellen are planning the transition of the website from it’s current status to the new on-line home of OE Alumni. An important part of the change will be the transfer of the OE Communiqué 2.0 Blog from its current location at to the website. Concurrent with that transfer the OE Institute site will be renovated, including the start-up of a new blog.

Last but not least, we are in the initial stages of developing a social media presence and strategy for both OEI and USAOEAA. Jamie Frogale, the author of last October’s terrific blog post, “What’s My Superpower: An Introspection”, has agreed to join the OEI Working Team to manage social media for us. Welcome, Jamie!

That’s the update on things for now. We’re still standing and making haste slowly…like Jerry says…”Going slow to go fast…”

Cheers, everyone!

The OEI Working Team






and Jamie

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