OEI Guest Blog Post Guidelines

July 2019

Dear Prospective OE Communiqué 2.0 Guest Blogger,

We are elated that you are considering writing a guest blog for the “OE Communiqué 2.0 Blog”

We have prepared the following guidelines to assist you in your writing, and are hopeful that working on the blog post will be an enjoyable experience for you.

Please accept our gratitude for your time and work! We very much look forward to reading your post!

Tom & Jerry


OE Book and Institute Context and Goals

The long-term goals for both the new book that we are writing about the US Army’s Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Program and School, as well as the OE Institute that has been established in its support, are the birth, redesign, redevelopment, and resurrection of the OE School experience, a Twenty First Century version of the School for new cohorts of younger people who want to learn how to become more effective OE/OD practitioners and leaders.

The “OE Communiqué 2.0 Blog” as a Platform for Inquiry, Discussion, and Continued Learning

In the first shot across the bow articulation of our Vision for the OE Institute we identified the blog as one of the ‘value-added services’ on offer to the OE Community. We said at that time that we wanted posts on the blog to be “informative and thought provoking”. We’re still there.

We see the blog as an outstanding vehicle to achieve these things and more.

Blog Posts as Recruitment Tools

“I’d like to know more about that”!

“I’d like to have a conversation with the person who wrote this’!

“Wow! I’ve never thought about that”!

“Based on the blogs I read on their website, the people associated with the OE Institute sound like the kind of people who’ve had lots of experience, have done a ton of thinking, and that can teach me the kinds of things I want to learn about and use in my own work”.

These are the kinds of reactions to the blog that we want from our readers, particularly new readers from younger generations that we can attract and recruit to the Institute and inspire to become new OE students in the new OE School we intend to design and launch.

In order to more effectively spread the word about what we are all up to we will begin to migrate our blog posts to other social media platforms in the coming months.

We are therefore particularly keen to receive guest blog post submissions that can help us source, attract, and recruit new people interested in joining us to avail themselves of the deep and rich experience of our OE Alumni and the resources of the OE Institute.

How and What to Write About

We ask that you prepare your guest blog post in a way that shows our current and future readers a part of the path that you have taken to get where you are in your career and life…particularly as it relates to your acquisition and application of OE/OD-related skilled knowledge.

Almost any subject that you can relate to OE and/or its practice is welcomed.

Lessons-learned are always valuable and universally well received, particularly about those about things that worked for you, but also what you tried that went “pear-shaped” and busted. Blog posts of this nature are an outstanding recruiting vehicle and help the Institute connect with prospective candidates for the new, Twenty First Century version of the OE School.

Stories about particular OE-related areas of expertise are also a subject area of great interest to people, for example: Leadership transitions, workshop design, survey-guided development, executive coaching, organization design, leadership training, use of the OE 4-Step (APIE) Process, innovation, business process improvement/redesign, Total Quality Management, executive search/recruitment, change leadership, communications, or the application of OE in new and unusual settings…the list is virtually limitless.

Whatever your interest in writing for the blog is, we ask that your submission be an original piece of writing, something expressly written for the OE Institute blog. This approach ensures fresh and contemporary material that will be attractive to our readers.

The Amount of Detail

This certainly varies, but generally the more molecular, even granular you can be, the better. For example, if you can tie specific learnings or achievements resulting from your OE-related skilled knowledge to things you’ve done and projects you’ve completed or are involved in currently, it’s a homerun.

Length of the Post

We’re fairly liberal about the length of blog posts, but we find that to date, the posts are averaging about 2,000 words or 3.5 pages typed in 10-point Verdana font to which we are partial.

OE Communiqué 2.0 Blog Editorial ‘Policy’

We want our guest bloggers to be able to express themselves without having to work under the burden of being closely edited. That said our preferences do run toward less, versus more, academically oriented blog posts.

Our aim is for your personal and professional perspectives and points of view as a practitioner and leader to come through loud and clear in your blog post. If you have been successful using the work of particular theoreticians, experts, or writers, please, by all means write about them and how you used/applied them and their insights. Recommend books, articles, YouTube videos, and the like that have been useful to you.

Once you have drafted your guest blog, please send it electronically to editor.oe.institute.blog@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there; communicating closely with you regarding any edits we’d like for you to make and/or a prospective timeframe when the post will go up on the website.

Most Importantly

Have fun doing the writing! Your work will be a significant contribution to our field and serve to inform and influence everyone that reads it!


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